Amber Teething Necklace

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Teething Problems?

Try the All-Natural Approach! 

Why Amber Teething Relief for Your Baby?

Why Amber Teething Relief for Your Baby?

Your baby’s Amber necklace is using an all-natural/chemical free approach unlike other teething tablets and soothing gels, etc. When worn against the skin, small amounts of succinic acid are absorbed into the blood stream. The Succenic Acid works as an anti-inflammatory. For babies, amber can relieve teething pain, reduce swollen gums, and sometimes even reduce drooling. Some moms prefer Amber bracelets or anklets, and others prefer our Amber teething necklace. They both work the same way and have similar effects.

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Tired of Watching Your Baby Suffer?

Tired of Watching Your Baby Suffer?

One thing EVERY baby has in common is they have to endure and suffer through teething pains. And as a Momma, there is nothing you want more then to find something that will finally get him/her that relief! Here are some of the things Momma’s tell us their Amber Teething Necklace helps with.

  • Reduced teething pain causing for a much happier baby
  • Less drooling which reduces the risk for rashes
  • Longer sleep cycles
  • A more rested Momma!

That’s Right! More sleep for your baby, less fussiness, and drooling will give you a new energy in life!

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Stop Using Unsafe Alternatives

Stop Using Unsafe Alternatives

A common unsafe topical numbing cream and gels include benzocaine.Benzocaine is a complete unnatural approach with many side effect includeing methemoglobinemia, a serious condition that can cause death.

    • Common side effects may include:
        • mild stinging, burning, or itching where the medicine is applied;
        • skin tenderness or redness; or
        • dry white flakes where the medicine was applied.

      More series side effects may include:

        • severe burning, stinging, or sensitivity where the medicine is applied;
        • swelling, warmth, or redness; or
        • oozing, blistering, or any signs of infection.

      Don’t risk it! There is a better way!

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    Are Amber Necklaces Safe For Your Baby?

    The question you may still have is whether or not the Amber necklace is safe for your baby to wear? The answer is YES! Amber Jewelry is safe to wear BUT like anything you have on or around your infants, there needs to be precautions in place to ensure the jewelry is used properly. Never let your child wear amber necklaces or bracelets unsupervised or in a situation where you cannot reach them. This is because amber jewelry is made with bead-like pieces of amber, which is not for chewing.

    When your baby is wearing his/her amber teething necklace just follow these guidelines:

    • Remove before bedtime
    • Remove before nap time
    • Measure Your babies neck properly before purchasing (prevents from chewing)
    • Do not allow baby to chew (he/she wont be able to if measured properly)
    Amber Teething Necklace

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