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100% genuine Baltic amber, certified by the International Amber Association (see below for test copy)


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Amber is fossilized resin, which comes from ancient trees. When trees get cuts and breaks, it excludes resin. When this substance is released from the tree, within time it starts to harden. Debri such as seeds, leaves, feathers, and insects get trapped in the resin. In most cases, resin falls into the ground and stays buried near the base of the tree where it hardens for many years.

Learn more here “What is Baltic Amber


It is important to know where your amber comes from. Baltic amber is amber found in the Baltic Sea region. Amber found here, is considered by experts to be the highest quality and is most sought after by jewelry makers. We only use Baltic amber in our jewelry.

Baltic amber is found in the ocean and on the coasts. Over time, the resin from coastal forests was blown and washed into the ocean. Amber hunting is a hobby for many people and attracts tourists to the Baltic Sea for the thrill of the hunt. Harvesting amber is a skill that takes dedication, patience, and skill.


How do I clean my amber necklace:

  • Clean with a little olive oil and soft cloth
  • Or clean with a little salt water (then rinse with fresh water and dry with cloth)

Can my amber necklace get wet?

  • Remove any time you will be exposed to soaps or chlorine
  • Swimming in fresh or salt water with your necklace is OK

How long does my amber necklace last?

  • Replace every two years of normal wear
  • Or replace if overly exposed to soaps/chlorine

Why has my amber necklace (with or without gemstones) changed color?

  • Exposure to light can change the color of amber and gemstones
  • Exposure to heat can change the color of amber and gemstones


In the United States, we think of the use of amber as alternative treatment, but it is used in normal medical practices in many parts of the world still today. Amber has stood the test of time and is noted in countless historical documents as a natural healer. The father of medicine himself, Hippocrates (460-377 BC) wrote a lot about the different medical uses for amber. These applications have been passed across civilizations and down through generations.


Amber contains a property called, succinic acid. Robert Koch, Nobel Prize winner and pioneer of bacteriology, spent years studying succinic acid, proving it to enhance immunity, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. Succinic acid is nothing new in the pharmacological world. It is an ingredient found in many over the counter and prescription medications. Read more on the science of succinic acid from the U.S. National Library of Medicine HERE.


When worn against the skin, small amounts of succinic acid are absorbed into the blood stream. Some parents prefer bracelets or anklets, and that works too. Some parents report that necklaces work better, and some report they work equally. We would love to hear what works best for your little one! The following are specific issues parents use amber for.

  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets to relieve teething pain
  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets to reduce swollen gums
  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets to reduce drooling
  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets to boost immunity


No, and beware of companies that claim that amber works for everyone 100% of the time. Think about it. There are a multitude of over the counter and prescription pain relievers. Why? Because not everyone reacts the same way to every medicine, whether natural or synthetic. My friend Joey and his wife are both allergic to pollen. Every morning, he wakes up and takes two antihistamine pills, and it works great for him. Antihistamine makes his wife want to crawl back in bed and her head feel like its a floating balloon. Given the fact that every human body is different, claiming this will work for everyone is not responsible advertising. More often than not though, it does work!


We tell customers that if it does not work for them or their child, bravo for at least trying a safe and natural method. And in the very least, they still end up with an adorable accessory at an affordable price. For babies, if it does not help at 6 mo, it does not mean it will not help at 12 mo. So it is always good to hold onto it and try at different teething stages.


First of all THANK YOU for being a Lolly Llama customer! If you are reading this section, then you are making sure your purchase is protected. Fear not, it is!! Our goal it to build a lifelong customer relationship with you. That begins with you buying with confidence!

Breakage Returns: We accept a one time exchange for breakage for 30 days.

Size Returns: Size exchanges for 30 days allowed but customer is responsible for shipping both ways (please measure before purchasing).

Clearance: No exchanges or returns on clearance items or items in the $20 shop. All sales final.

Amber is Fragile: Amber is thousands of years old. It is not dense like a rock. It can crack or break if not handled with care.

Plastic Clasp System: There are benefits and drawbacks to the clasp system we offer. Please read before purchasing.


Can be worn by customers with metal allergies.

It is seamless. When the clasp shifts around to the front, the clasp is hidden.

Safer than metal clasps. It can break if pulled on too hard either by a child while they are wearing it or by a sibling. This can reduce injury risk.


It can break if pulled on too hard.

Please be aware that there is a breakage risk when purchasing ANY necklace with this plastic clasp. Our customers have given feedback, and they largely feel that the breakage risk (and possibly having to purchase a new one) is worth being able to have this safer option (compared to a metal clasp system).

With all of that being said, we have a very low return rate. Most customers are aware that they are to be handled with care and never have any issues 🙂


Please follow these precautions. Always use under adult supervision, remove while sleeping and while unattended. Keep amber out of baby’s mouths. Doing so ensures the safety of our customers 🙂


Babies are not the only ones who can benefit from wearing Amber. Adults choose to wear jewelry made from this natural resin not only because they are beautiful and unique in appearance, but also because they can provide them with some health benefits. In case you are wearing amber for health purposes it is important to choose jewelry that would provide the most benefits for specific medical condition. If you want to get relief from pain in areas like neck, head and throat it is best to wear a necklace. In case you want to minimize pain of arthritis, joints or rheumatism it is best to choose a bracelet. Some additional benefits of wearing amber jewelry for adults is that it can help minimize anxiety and eliminate fatigue. To get all of these mentioned benefits it is important to wear amber jewelry for as long as possible and so that it would be in contact with your skin for longer time.


Amber has been used since ancient times to naturally treat many issues. These are some of the ways many our customers use amber specifically.

  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat ADHD for children and adults
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat exema for children and adults
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat arthritis for adults
  • Amber bracelets to treat carpal tunnel for adults
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat GERD acid reflex for babies, children and adults
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat anxiety for children and adults
  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets for babies and children
  • Amber teething necklaces and bracelets  to treat drooling for babies
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to treat depression for adults and children
  • Amber necklaces to treat migraines for adults and teens
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to improve gut health for adults and children
  • Amber bracelets and necklaces to boost immunity for adults and children
  • Amber necklaces to treat oral pain such as braces for teens and adults
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