Amber Teething Necklace

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Amber Teething Necklace

Is Your Amber Jewelry Real? Do These Tests

Don’t Over-complicate it
Many people wear amber jewelry because it is beautiful. But some wear amber for the health benefits, made possible by the succinic acid it contains. It is vital that your amber is real, so that you or your child can see the results from the healing properties it contains.Some people get caught up in ALL the at home testing and they over-complicate things. Most of the authenticity tests you will find online should be done by an amber expert, plus a lot of the results are left to interpretation (like the smell test). Plus some of the tests will ruin your jewelry (like the burn test). Stop over-complicating it, and use these tests.
The Visual Test
The visual test is one of the simplest and quickest tests you can do, and a lot of amber experts agree that it’s the only test that needs to be done.
Get out your reading glasses and look closely. Super close. Real amber beads are unique in its appearance. Look for imperfections like small air bubbles, tiny cracks, pivots, indentations, lines, debris, etc. Each amber bead is as unique as a snowflake. If your piece is polished or black, the imperfections are a little harder to see, but hold it up to a light and look closely. If your amber has these imperfect qualities, then it is more than likely real. It would cost someone a lot of money to create all these imperfections in the beads, just as much or more as it would be to get the real deal.
Amber Teething Necklace
The Salt Water Test
IMPORTANT NOTE: If your jewelry contains any other stone like some from our catalog that also contain quartz, pearls, etc., these dense materials will sink, so it will pull your jewelry down to the bottom with it. This test will not work. Remember though, the visual test really is enough to put your mind at ease. If your piece does not contain extra stones, you can try the following.
Take 3 tablespoons of salt and stir it into 8 oz of warm water until dissolved. Place your amber into the bowl, and it will float towards the top. The side with the clasp will try dragging the piece down a little. This is normal because the clasp weighs more than amber.
The Takeaway
Keep it simple, trust your eyes, and if in doubt, ask to see a copy of the amber authenticity report from the company you are buying from. This report will be for their amber in general, not for each individual piece. To get each amber jewelry piece certified (like you get with a certified diamond) would at minimum quadruple the price of jewelry for the customer. This is why each piece does not have its own certificate number.Lastly, purchase from a reputable company. An established company will not jeopardize their entire business by selling fakes. And do not always believe product reviews. If you have read some negative reviews by past customers, a lot can go wrong with the test they performed, and your decision to buy should not be made solely on a customer’s opinion.
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    She Harding

    My four-year-old grandson has worn an amber necklace Most of his life. I recently gave my amber necklace to my youngest For her headaches, which have lessened. When purchasing a necklace for myself, I noticed your discount, so I bought two. I love how the colors are More pronounced upon wearing. I also appreciate your certificate of authenticity. Thank you for supplying this source of amber to your patrons.

    November 13, 2022

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